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Something to Say


Pope Francis and other leaders of the Catholic Church are convinced that you have something to say and want to hear from you. In the coming year, different Church groups are going to invite you to have your say. Here are five young people who accepted the invitation to have a meal with Fr Bob.


What Next


Speak to your school chaplain or RE staff about taking part in a meal with the priests in your area. 


Drop into your Catholic chaplaincy to find out about a meal with the university chaplains.


Keep an eye on your parish newsletter for an invitation to a meal with your parish priest. If you are feeling really brave send him the video for priests.

Events in your Local Area

Apart from meals with Father there will be other opportunities to share what you have to say. To find out what is happening in your area check out the youth events calender.

One Thing

In October 2018 bishops and others from all around the world have been invited to meet Pope Francis and share what young people have been saying to them. Even if there are no events in your local area you can share what you have to say with us by answering the following question in an email.

If you could tell Pope Francis one thing what would it be?