The printed and online resources have been produced by the National Office for Vocation (NOV) in collaboration with the Catholic Federation for Youth Ministry (CYMFed) to help those working with young people to celebrate mercy at the close of the Jubilee Year of Mercy.


Liturgical resources 

The resources below have been created to assist with your celebration on the feast of Christ the King, especially when involving young people. Please feel free to include them in your National Youth Sunday Celebrations.


Homily hints 

The are quotes in the resource pack are based on the attitudes that predispose a person to experiencing mercy: trust, surrender, believe and receive. They are provided as inspiration for a National Youth Sunday homily that celebrates and encourages people to give and receive mercy. 


Prayers of the faithful 

The download also includes some suggested intentions to inspire the prayers of the faithful, with a space for young people to add intentions specific to your community. 


Newsletter Inserts 

Click below to cut and paste the National Youth Sunday newsletter inserts into your parish newsletter. The first insert is to build anticipation, the second is to encourage participation. 



Making the most of the postcards 

The postcards can be used as an aid to discussion, reflection or prayer and are intended to help young people unbolt the door of their hearts to receive God’s mercy.  



Display enough postcards for everyone present and invite each person to take the card that appeals to them the most. In small groups or pairs, invite them to tell the people in their group why the card was appealing to them. Once everyone has had the opportunity to speak, invite one person to read the passage on the back and invite the group to explore how it relates to the word on the front. Invite one person for each word to do the same until the group has had the opportunity to talk about all four words. Explain that these words all help us to receive God’s Mercy and ask the group to discuss whether putting the words in a particular order would help a person open their heart to God.


Ask the young people to close their eyes and clear their minds of everything except the word they chose on the post card. Invite them to gently repeat this word as they ask God to help them come closer to him. 



Whether during a session or as an additional exercise, why not ask young people to write an anonymous prayer request on the back of their postcard and fill in the name of their parish so that they can be delivered to the parish to be held in prayer. 



The mercy stickers are more than a lovely decoration but a promise to be merciful - today. They provide form tutors, chaplains, confirmation catechesists - anyone working with young people - with the opportunity to spur their young people into merciful action.   



This assembly is a presentation that helps young people to understand Mercy at love in action. It is accompanied by notes for the presenter and can be used in anticipation of National Youth Sunday or whenever exploring Mercy. 



TenTen resources have produced the primary school resources for National Youth Sunday around the gospel of the good thief. Access to the assembly and supporting resources is available via