Be yourself, be a gentleman, be a human person, be a priest.

Fr Bob Hamill

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Something to Say - Video for Priests



Helpful hints


We want to encourage priests to have a meal with young adults within their schools and parishes. It doesn't have to be a grand affair; don't worry if you can't cook, you are bound to have a parishioner who can help, or get a takeaway.

If you decide to invite young people under the age of 18 years old for a meal, it will be important to ensure you have the necessary safeguarding guidelines in place. 

Please refer to your diocesan guidelines or use the CSAS toolkit as your guide to welcoming under 18s for a meal.

While it takes a little more effort to invite those under the age of 18, they have something to say that will make it worthwhile. By involving people in your parish to manage the logistics of this meal, it may spark an interest not only of the adults involved but of young people who long to belong to your parish.



Whilst the focus of National Youth Sunday this year has been on events outside the liturgy, we have put together some quotes and information that will help priests and deacons to include the Synod and the theme for National Youth Sunday in their homily.

Fr Bob used a number of questions to get the conversation flowing. If you would like help to kick start the evening here are some conversation starters.

To help advertise your meal please feel free to adapt the newsletter insert below.